Workshop on Individualized Education Program

Knowledge of Individualized Education Program is very important for a special educator. To improve and enhance this knowledge a workshop was organized by "Special Life Diagnostic & Therapeutic Centre” at Holy Heart Special School on 16-09-17 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The topic of workshop was ‘Individualized Education Program’ which includes the sub topics like- What is an IEP, What is the use of an IEP and How to develop an IEP. Our
honorable speaker Ms. Aditi Gupta, Coordinator, Samarth Institute of Inclusive Education guided us in the development of IEP.

Her contribution in education is beyond words. A gathering of 50 professional shared their ideas, views and issues regarding understanding and development of IEP. It became a great effort by SLDTC.

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