Behaving and concentrating are essential in order to easily sustain attention to an activity to learn new skills, interact with others and play independently or with others. Difficulties with behaviour and concentration can socially isolate children (as well as their parents) and also contribute to learning difficulties.

Occupational Therapists are specialists in helping children develop effective sensory reactions as well as developing strategies to support appropriate behaviour and attention. Both Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists help children develop play skills (independent play as well as with others) including turn taking, planning how to play, and interacting with others.

Children who struggle with behaviour and concentration can have difficulties with:

  • Concentration and sustained attention to an activity (even an enjoyable one)
  • Behaviour that is consistently appropriate to the situation or demands
  • Self Regulating (adjusting) their physical activity, emotional state or thoughts to match the situation or task
  • Appropriate sensory reactions to stimuli/life events (children may over or under-react which impacts not only their attention and behaviour but also their learning).
  • Sitting to engage in, or sustain engagement in, activities in order to complete them
  • Learning across the board that is age appropriate

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